MAY/JUNE 2024 Diary
Toddlers Group & Uniformed Organisations normally meet weekly            
Please contact organisers for details.

MAY 2024 Diary

Wednesday1st10am-noonThe Open Door Café
Sunday5th10.30amFamily Worship with Holy Communion led by Revd Bill Bowman
Tuesday7th2pmWomen’s Guild
Wednesday8th10am-noonThe Open Door Café
  8pmBible Study led by Paul & Jenny Hollingum (Zoom)
Thursday9th7.45pmParlour Players—Quartet
Friday10th7.45pmParlour Players—Quartet
Saturday11th3pmParlour Players—Quartet
  7.45pmParlour Players—Quartet
Sunday12th9amCHRISTIAN AID WEEK (12th-18th)
  10.30amFamily Worship led by Jon and Connie Dean
  2pmWorking Circle
Wednesday15th10am-noonThe Open Door Café
Sunday19th10.30amFamily Worship led by Revd Bryn Thomas
Tuesday21st2pmWomen’s Guild—AGM
Wednesday22nd10amThe Open Door Café
  8pmElders’ Meeting
  8pmBible Study led by Paul & Jenny Hollingum (Zoom)
Sunday26th10.30amFamily Worship led by Kathy Nichols
Tuesday28th2pmWorking Circle
Wednesday29th10amThe Open Door Cafe

JUNE 2024 Diary

Sunday2nd10.30amFamily Worship with Holy Communion led by Paul and Jenny Hollingum
  11.45amChurch Meeting
Tuesday4th2pmWomen’s Guild Annual Afternoon Tea
Wednesday5th10am-noonThe Open Door Café
Sunday9th10.30amYOUTH DAY Family Service led by Jon and Connie Dean
Tuesday11th2pmWorking Circle
Wednesday12th10am-noonThe Open Door Café
  8pmBible Study led by Paul and Jenny      Hollingum (Zoom)
Friday14th5pmCOMMUNITY deadline for July/August
Saturday15th10am-noonHome & Garden Sale (Main Hall)
Sunday16th10.30amFamily service—worship to be led by Elders
  3pmSunday Afternoon Convert—Madeleine Brown piano recital
Tuesday18th2pmWomen’s Guild
Wednesday19th10amThe Open Door Café
  8pmElders’ Meeting
Saturday22nd3pmFriendship Tea (by invitation)
Sunday23rd10.30amFamily Worship led by Ted and Sylvia Trickey
Tuesday25th2pmWorking Circle
Wednesday26th10amThe Open Door Cafe
  8pmBible Study led by Paul and Jenny       Hollingum (Zoom)
Sunday30th10.30amFamily Worship led by Elaine Leck