OUR MISSION IS :-       

  • to be a community of God’s people where each person has an opportunity to grow in faith and to share that experience with others through worship, service and witness
  • to develop a loving and sensitive care towards all who enter and are part of its fellowship
  • to encourage people to learn about the faith and to respond to God’s call
  • to be faithful stewards of the resources entrusted to us
  • to enable people to undertake tasks ensuring the best use of their particular skills
  • to become more deeply involved in addressing the needs of the local community
  • to be informed of local and national issues which require a Christian response
  • to be aware of global issues affecting the World Church to which we belong and to stand alongside our sisters and brothers in Christ, offering prayerful encouragement and support
  • to become better equipped as disciples of Jesus Christ through public and private prayer