Dear Friends,

It is perhaps appropriate that the first pastoral letter I am writing, as Interim Moderator for SURC, is for September. September is a month of change. Primary school children change to a different class, year 6 to a different school. Secondary pupils change to a different year or change from school to university or college.

In the natural world the seasons change throughout the year and in September, officially at least, summer gives way to autumn. The changing seasons are celebrated in our Harvest Thanksgiving service which hopefully will take place on the 27th. At harvest we give thanks for God’s provision of food for another year. It also focuses our minds in helping others who may not have such an ample supply of earth’s bounty as we do.

We celebrate the New Year on 1st January but Jesus would have celebrated New Year in September!! The Jewish New Year and Day of Atonement usually fall in September and Jewish people from the time of Moses to the present take the opportunity on these Holy Days to assess how they could change their own lives for the better and be more helpful kind and loving to their fellow human beings. For Christians change is an ongoing process and we need to continually consider what things we should change in our daily lives as well as in our church life. In Christ there is always the invitation to change and start again. This is such a time in the life of Sanderstead URC.

Some changes can be exciting and challenging but other changes are unwelcome and can be frightening. But one thing we can be sure of amid all the changes and uncertainties of life God’s love for us in Christ Jesus remains constant. God has promised us “never will I leave you, never will I desert you.” (Joshua 1:5)
Thanks be to God.